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Recruitment service “CareerWith”

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What is CareerWith?

CareerWith has been launched service since July, 2015. It is operated by School With which runs one of the best language school review service in Japan,
Our candidates have studied intensive English courses and aspire to work in Asian countries.

Why use CareerWith ?

POINT1Our candidates will engage your company for a long period


High Level of English

Candidates have taken intensive English courses and arrive prepared for work.


Accustomed to Asian life

Candidates are easily understood and adjust easily to the different culture.


Highly motivated to work in Asian countries

Approximately 30% of candidates are ready to work immediately.
Half of them hope to join the client’s company within 6 months.

POINT2Experienced consultant proposes appropriate candidates

“CareerWith” consultants have vast experience , not only in HR but also anything regarding personnel issues.

POINT3Contingency fee system-NO hire = NO fee

“CareerWith” operates a contingency fee system.